Written by on December 6, 2013

Husband and wife team Endy and Diana travel to share their experiences with you of The Real Haiti.

Endy, a native of Petit Goave, Haiti until his late teenage years, met Diana while in college in the U.S. Hearing about his homeland, Diana was inspired to start this website to help educate others about the country.

The great thing about Haiti is that there are so many hidden jewels. There are so many untouched areas that are yet to be discovered. It is not all about poverty and what we see in the headlines.

Although Endy was raised in Haiti, he is just now getting to experience it as an adult. Diana's love for photography and videography help her display a unique view of the Haitian culture and how she wants to fix Haiti's image.

The team is passionate about sharing everything they can with you about The Real Haiti. This website and blog is a labor of love.

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