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Written by on December 6, 2013

Chantal Laurent

This blog is an attempt to document the struggles--past and present of Haitians living in Ayiti and in the Haitian diaspora. Haitians have a proud history that is often misunderstood and discounted. It is my hope to tell that story while shedding light on what is happening now.

Other topics often covered by this blog include politics, news, economics, culture and current events in America and the world.

It is important to have a counterpoint against the propaganda that often prevails in the mainstream media about Ayiti. Very often, what passes for "news" are outright lies and disinformation. In particular, the political coups undertaken by various groups in Ayiti, which are always represented in the mainstream media as "rebellions" and "unrest" are often supported with money, training and political maneuvering- by the West. The US, Canada and France have the power and support of the UN security council at their disposal. Voices that have raised concern about the West's illegal actions in Ayiti in the global south, have been ignored. No accountability. No investigation. No problem.

Why must Haitians continue to struggle for their freedom? Perhaps it is because Ayiti is viewed as an obstacle to hegemony and empire? Ayiti is an enduring symbol of freedom. Haitians were the first to rebel against the shackles of slavery. For their temerity, Haitians have made some very powerful enemies. Ayiti and its people have contributed enormously to world history and continues to be of great relevance to some very powerful interests. Ayiti is a unique and inspiring example of what the unconquerable spirit of a courageous people is capable of accomplishing against great odds. Ayiti's historic deed was to defeat the slave-holding countries of the world in the world's first ever successful slave rebellion.

Haitians have a saying; "Ayiti Cheri." It is a term of deep affection that many can only say from afar because many are now part of a diaspora that is spread worldwide. Those who say it are often exiled from their beloved island. Haitians who live abroad are in constant survival mode also--as evidenced by those who are reviled, murdered, virtually enslaved and discriminated against in the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos islands, Bahamas and other often hostile environments abroad.

The lives of Haitians on the island and elsewhere are a desperate struggle for dignity, sovereignty/democracy, education, a decent standard of living and a good future. The sad truth is that many Haitians are living a nightmare.

The powerful interests mentioned above have a plan for Ayiti. I have three simple questions for them: Why is a real democracy in Ayiti a threat? What is your plan for Ayiti? Will more Haitians have to die to fulfill it?.

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