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Ex-President of Haiti Put Under House Arrest

The deteriorating political climate in Haiti took an unusual and confusing turn this week when Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the twice-exiled former president of Haiti, was ordered by a court not to leave his home as part of a corruption investigation. The move drew immediate complaints from his supporters that no such sanction existed and that it […]

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Create Jobs for Haitian Farmers

Our society tends to think about business as the enemy of the environment and of trees. It’s no wonder, given the things businesses have done. It’s very easy to blame them for all the things wrong with the world. It happens because most of the time we use business to make as much money as we can, forgetting about the damages they do to the planet and to people. However, we should remember that businesses do what people make them do. If you want to solve people’s problems, businesses can help you do that too.

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The National Association of Haitian Professionals

The National Association of Haitian Professionals (NAHP) to Host 3rd Annual Conference on Haiti Diaspora Engagement at Harvard University

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