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By haitianadmin Jul. 6, 2009 The Boston Phoenix published a report on Jan. 21, 2009 that documents the BHR’s coverage of the earthquake disaster in Haiti and the local response. The Boston Haitian Reporter, founded in May 2001, is New England’s leading source for news about the region’s growing Haitian-American communities. We are a monthly […]

Husband and wife team Endy and Diana travel to share their experiences with you of The Real Haiti. Endy, a native of Petit Goave, Haiti until his late teenage years, met Diana while in college in the U.S. Hearing about his homeland, Diana was inspired to start this website to help educate others about the […]

Friends, We are moving to Haiti! After today we’ve shared our news with both employers, so at long last we’re ready to share with everyone. So here’s the story – Ben and I are moving to Port-au-Prince, Haiti on December 29, 2009. Why? Jesus said, “God’s spirit is on me; he’s chosen me to preach […]

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