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 Medialakay is one of the leading provider of news, events and education. Our mission is to serve as a source for both media, and business platform for the Haitian community. We connected with various bloggers who will deliver great content to inform the people.

Medialakay also connects you with all sorts of radio show personal, business owners, event planner etc. With hundreds of local radio to listen too, Medialakay provides one of the most comprehensive listings of local radio and abroad. We are here to bring people and the media together. helping people find and listen to their favorite stations, while connecting them with others who share their passions.

We put all our efforts into making it easy for pdg and business owners to add their listing to Medialakay. Medialakauy is owned by Nvex Corp a marketing company in New York.  Nvex corp is a reputable marketing company offering radio, video and internet marketing services to attract and engage with clients. They have a diverse customer base, which include startups, financial services companies. They have helped businesses to reach their goals though the extensive marketing service they offer.

With knowledge, expertise and experience in all media types, they are able to help businesses and companies to attain their marketing objectives successfully. their customers are their top priority that is why we commit ourselves to delivering only the best services they deserve.


Bloggers we like

  • The Zen Haitian
    Chantal Laurent This blog is an attempt to document the struggles--past and present of Haitians living in Ayiti and in



  • Patrick Jane
    I just Started using Mediq Lakay, this is one of the greatest site ever. I download the app at the Google play store, the sound is incredible. i can't wait to tell all my friends about the app and the website. now i am able to listen to several Haitian radio with no problem. keep up the good work
  • Alex Williams
    This site is little too dark, but beside that everything look good. Very elegant, and professional. I would encourage everyone to register, and tell their friends about it. It's not easy to build a website, that the reason why we have to support those that doing great thing.
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